Stay Strong this Summer

Summer 2023

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and get more active.  The kids are home from school and the weather is cooperative.  Whether you’re a fan of gardening, golfing, surfing, kayaking, mountain climbing, or traveling, summer is the ideal time to make it all happen. The longer, warmer days and the (hopefully) slower pace…

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Sneeze Free Spring with Momentum

Sneeze Free with Momentum

Winter is seemingly giving way to spring and while the flowers and buds are brightening up our landscapes, the seasonal allergies that often accompany these beauties can really get you down. Whether you’re someone who gets a few sniffles and some sneezing or you are knocked out cold with every terrible allergy symptom known to…

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Stay healthy and joyous this season

Christmas 2022

Winter is upon us, whether we are prepared for this shift or not. While we have enjoyed the warmth of summer, the rain and chill of the winter is crucial for those Spring moments we’ve grown to look forward to so much in the PNW. Winter is a season when many individuals experience health issues…

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Combat Obesity

Kids on bicycles

With summer winding down, so might our activity levels.  Summer gives us a lot of opportunity to be outside moving our bodies, but as those days get shorter and the temperatures drop, so might our motivation to get our families outside and moving.  Momentum Chiropractic is focused on the holistic wellness of the entire family. …

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Healthy Summer Family Vacation

Fun at the beach

What would summertime be without a family vacation?  Whether this vacation lasts a month (sweet!!) or just a long weekend, trips away can be rejuvenating and relaxing, and a source of precious family memories forever.  The staff at Momentum Chiropractic would like to offer some tips on making it through these vacations healthy and happy…

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How to Identify Stress Signals from Your Children and Significant Others

The Stress Response People these days are often stressed out. Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D., correlates those increased chronic stress levels with higher amounts of depression, another mental disorder where the symptoms aren’t always obvious. But chronic stress goes far beyond depression, manifesting in many signs. You might get a pounding headache, have digestive issues, become overly…

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Why Oxygen and Exercise Are Crucial to Chiropractic Success

People at the gym doing cardio

You’ve been going to the chiropractor and eating well. Your body is feeling a bit better, but you can’t shake the feeling that something is missing. That’s because something is missing—oxygen and exercise. You can’t have one without the other, and they play a crucial, symbiotic role in helping you feel your absolute best. Momentum…

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