Small Patients; Big Benefits!

Small Patients, Big Benefits!

If you’re a patient with Momentum Chiropractic, you already know the benefits to overall wellness that regular chiropractic care can bring.  Wellness is as individual as the person, and everyone’s journey is their own, but did you know that starting a regular chiropractic care practice with children can have lasting positive effects on everything from…

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Stay Ahead of Summer Irritants

Stay Ahead of Summer Irritans

For many people, changes in the weather could worsen pain caused by old injuries or conditions such as arthritis. Have you ever heard someone say, “My knee is acting up again, which means it’s going to rain.”? It turns out that the weather can have a lot to do with flare-ups of chronic pains. It’s…

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Sneeze Free Spring with Momentum

Sneeze Free with Momentum

Winter is seemingly giving way to spring and while the flowers and buds are brightening up our landscapes, the seasonal allergies that often accompany these beauties can really get you down. Whether you’re someone who gets a few sniffles and some sneezing or you are knocked out cold with every terrible allergy symptom known to…

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Summer Blog Series #1: Summertime health tips

Sunglasses and summer letters on the beach

Break out your sunglasses and beach umbrella—summer has arrived! Many people wait all year long for the special activities that come with summer, like swimming, gardening, sports, hiking, camping, and many more. With this increased exercise comes opportunities for injuring our bodies in big and small ways. In this first installment of our summer blog…

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Keeping Your Body Strong to Fight Against Illness

As we continue to navigate the ever-changing environment around us, you may be wondering, “How can I best protect myself and my family from illness and infection?” Momentum is here to help with a few strategies for supporting your immune system and keeping your body healthy and strong in this season: We are what we…

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Happy Holidays from Momentum Chiropractic!

‘Tis the season for joy, merriment, good tidings… and health. We’re throwing that last one in there because who doesn’t want to feel their best during the holiday season? Make this the year you give your loved ones—or yourself—the gift of ongoing, improved health and wellness!  Here are a few health-focused holiday gift ideas: Become…

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Nature’s First Aid Kit

Holistic food on a table

A First Aid Kit Contains Drugs Nature’s Antibiotics Make Sure You Have A Healthy Gut Your doctor might have prescribed a round of antibiotics when you had strep throat, a urinary tract infection, or pneumonia.  These medications treat bacterial infections or prevent the infection from spreading. Some antibiotics fight a wide range of disease-causing bacteria. Others target specific species…

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Smoking and Your Lower Back Pain: What’s The Connection?

Smoking? Lung Cancer Isn’t The Only Reason to Quit  You Know Smoking is Bad, Then Why Do You Smoke? Back Pain How Does Smoking Create Back Pain? Quit Smoking For Good With These 7 Strategies Smoking is bad news. Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death worldwide, and ditching cigarettes benefits nearly everyone.  Never…

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Supplementing Your Immune System with a Daily Defense to Fight Pathogens

Your Immune System is Your Daily Defense Against Invaders  What Damages Your Immune System?  Ways to Boost Your Immune System Daily Defense Nutrients At its peak, your immune system works like a master orchestra performing in harmony. Upon detecting potential threats — including bacteria, parasites, and viruses — your immune system unleashes a powerful army to destroy these…

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Exercise for Your Immunity: Training Right Vs Training Wrong

Exercise for Health Exercise for Immunity – Training Right Inflammation is Your Body’s Natural Healing Response Exercise That Creates Inflammation: Training Wrong Factors that Affect Your Immune System How To Exercise for Immunity Exercise: Training Right for a Healthy Immune System Health Benefits of Different Exercise Types Recovery is Key to Exercise Regular exercise can…

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