Back to School Is a Great Time to Revitalize Your Chiropractic Care


There’s a storm brewing—and it’s called back to school. The Target trips to get fresh pencils, crisp paper, and new backpacks were just the tip of the iceberg. Soon the alarm-clock-ringing, breakfast-scrambling, carpooling craziness will descend upon us (if it hasn’t already). We’d be surprised if you weren’t feeing knots in your back, a cold coming on, or a stress-induced headache!

Don’t let the hustle and bustle get in the way of your chiropractic care. It’s more than just self-care—it’s crucial care. Here’s why now is the time to revitalize your chiropractic care at Momentum.

You’re stressed—and it’s only going to get busier.

If the first paragraph didn’t explain it well, let’s give it another whirl. Back to school time is stressful and busy. There’s always homework to get done, activities to get to, and dinner to get on the table. If there is a time to get to Momentum, it’s now. After all, things aren’t going to get less stressful as the school year marches on. Now might be the least stressful time to make yourself and your chiropractic care a priority. 

You can get into a routine.

Believe it or not, the school season has a major advantage over other seasons: it’s all about establishing routines. You know what we’re talking about—wake them up, get them dressed, breakfast, brush teeth, carpool or bus, school, home, homework… you get the point. Routines actually allow us to prioritize what’s important. Make visits to Momentum part your routine now. Maybe it’s an appointment during lunchtime, right after your morning drop-off, or before pick-up. Establishing your chiropractic care as a priority as the other routine elements are also being formulated will help it be a cornerstone of your week.

It’s a fresh start.

Let’s be honest—when you’re a parent, the school year rules all. September is a fresh start, just as January is. Make a “School Year Resolution” to get healthier, be more active, and make it the best year yet. It’s a fresh start—treat it as such.

Have a great school year!