Minimizing toxins—it’s simply Essential


This is an understatement, but our bodies are amazing. Did you know that they have a natural ability to cleanse themselves from harmful toxins? It’s true! We can detoxify the elements that lead to poor health and pain. If we also minimize our exposure to toxins, we’re truly on the right track. It’s so crucial to holistic wellness that Momentum incorporates the minimization of toxins as one of our Essentials.


What is the Minimize Toxins Essential?

Unfortunately, toxins are all around us. But it’s not impossible to minimize exposure and clear them from your body. In doing so, you can reset your body’s natural balance and encourage it to operate at its fullest potential.


The Essential starts with Momentum’s assistance in making the lifestyle choices needed to reduce the toxins entering your system. This includes dietary guidelines, supplements, and care that you need to jumpstart your body’s cleansing capabilities.


Can I detox from toxins or is the damage done?

Absolutely, you can detox! In fact, our 5 Essentials (Minimizing Toxins, Core Chiropractic, Nutrition, Mindset, and Oxygen & Exercise) work together to help you detox by removing toxins that are already in your body. (Of course, they also aim to improve your overall health and wellness!)

We have a three-step detox plan that works at the cellular and organ level to clear toxins and avoid long-term damage. The following is a simplified look at the three steps we recommend to make it happen. We will tailor and expand upon the specific steps according to your unique body and needs.

  • Minimize exposure
  • Detoxify your cells and organs
  • Remove toxins and prevent retoxification



What elements are considered toxins?


Plastics – Can damage hormone receptors, hurt sex drive, cause fatigue, and lead to illness and diseases. Common culprits: PVC, Styrene, Styrofoam, Bisphenol


Environmental – By blocking or altering hormone functions, they may contribute to an increase in hormone-related cancers, such as those of the breasts, testicles, and prostate. Common culprits: phthalates, dioxins, polystyrene and trichloroethylene, household cleaners, artificial fragrances, pesticides


Food Additives – Any substance that is added to food in order to preserve it, maintain its quality, or make it more appealing. About 80% of packaged foods sold in the United States contain chemicals that are outlawed in other countries. Common culprits: artificial sugars, flavors, colors, fake fats


It can be challenging to navigate the borage of toxins that we encounter every day. Let Momentum help. We’ll provide you with detailed information about how to live healthier and toxin-free. Ask us how today!