Minimizing toxins—it’s simply Essential

This is an understatement, but our bodies are amazing. Did you know that they have a natural ability to cleanse themselves from harmful toxins? It’s true! We can detoxify the elements that lead to poor health and pain. If we also minimize our exposure to toxins, we’re truly on the right track. It’s so crucial…

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Toxic Hormones? 5 Natural Strategies to To Reduce the Impact of Toxins on Hormones

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals is Pervasive There are over 80,000 chemicals currently used in America. Very few have been tested for their potential to damage your health. These chemicals are everywhere: In food, household cleaners, toys, furniture, and many other things you’re exposed to daily. Their impact becomes especially strong on your endocrine system. These eight glands include your: Hypothalamus Pineal…

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Sitting outside with beer glasses

TOXINS How Drinking Too Much Effects Your Body and the Long-term Health Impacts of Alcohol Intake

Most American Adults Drink Alcohol About 70 percent of adults reported that they drank alcohol in the past year, and 56 percent had a drink during the past month. That’s according to a 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). Some of those adults enjoyed an occasional glass of chardonnay with dinner. For others,…

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