Summer Blog Series #1: Summertime health tips

Sunglasses and summer letters on the beach

Break out your sunglasses and beach umbrella—summer has arrived! Many people wait all year long for the special activities that come with summer, like swimming, gardening, sports, hiking, camping, and many more.

With this increased exercise comes opportunities for injuring our bodies in big and small ways. In this first installment of our summer blog series, Momentum has a few things to keep in mind as you get outdoors and take advantage of all that summer has to offer.

Commit to chiropractic care.

Focusing on chiropractic care may not seem necessary in the summer because we increase our exercise levels, when in fact, this means we should focus on it even more!

Moving our bodies in different ways like bending down to do gardening, or sitting in one position for too long during a long road trip, leads to tweaked muscles and misaligned spines. These issues can then result in neck and back problems, soreness, muscle and joint pain, or more serious injuries. Visit Momentum for body and spine adjustments before, during, and after the summer to counteract any health problems being caused by exercise.

Get moving!

It’s true that increased physical activity can lead to injury or the need for alignment, but it’s still a necessary part of staying healthy. This summer, take advantage of the beautiful weather and long days by trying new ways to exercise that aren’t available in cold temperatures. This could include outdoor sports, swimming, bike riding, mountain climbing, fishing, running, or simply going for a walk under the sun. Just remember to stretch before and after any physical activity, and ask your kids to do the same.

Make nutritious decisions.

Summertime not only provides more outdoor options, but it offers more food choices as well! Whether it’s barbeques, s’mores, seasonal fruit, or ice cream trucks, we have access to both healthy and unhealthy food in the summer. Remember to focus on moderation and choose nutritious ingredients by staying away from items that are high in sugar, fat, and preservatives. And don’t forget to stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water as you enjoy the sunny weather with family and friends.

Momentum is dedicated to your wellness and the health of your family. Our friendly and experienced staff are here to provide superior chiropractic care, as well as information about exercise and nutrition. Contact us today to learn more about how to stay healthy this summer and all year long.