Are you becoming one of those people who can “feel” when it’s going to rain? Do you get headaches more often than you used to? How about your energy level? Would you rather lay down than do just about anything else? If you’re answering yes, or if these questions seem relatable, it might be time to think about checking in with a chiropractor. Here’s why.

Are you dealing with headaches or neck pain that won’t go away? Whether the pain is due to an injury, poor posture, or stress, seeing a chiropractor can help. Chiropractic care is a gentle, effective way to treat and prevent chronic headaches and neck pain. The chiropractor will first conduct an exam and take your medical history. They may also order X-rays and other diagnostic tests to determine the underlying cause of the headaches and neck pain. Once a diagnosis is made, the chiropractor will create a personalized treatment plan. The plan may include adjustments to the spine, massage therapy, acupuncture, stretches, muscle work, and lifestyle advice on preventing future problems. While headaches can certainly stem from a variety of factors (stress, caffeine, lighting), a chiropractor can often be the last provider someone thinks of while suffering through them. Hopefully this helps you reduce the time spent feeling less than great!

If you’re experiencing pain in your sciatica nerve that won’t go away, it may be time to see a chiropractor. For anyone unfamiliar, the sciatic nerve runs from the lower back down the buttocks and into the legs, maintaining functionality, balance, coordination, and movement. When the sciatic nerve is compressed or irritated as a result of misalignment in your spine or tightness/weakness in your glutes, muscles, and hips, you’re likely to feel pain from your lower back down your legs and this is what is commonly called sciatica. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s best to consult with a chiropractor right away so they can assess your condition and provide an effective treatment plan that’s tailored specifically to your needs.

Maybe you’re starting to experience weird, tingling sensations in your arms, legs, and feet. It could be a sign of nerve impingement, which can be caused by misalignments in the spine. Chiropractic adjustments help to reduce the pressure on those nerves and restore mobility to the affected area. When nerves are compressed by vertebrae that are out of alignment, numbness, tingling sensations, and even pain can result. Typically, this feels like a pins-and-needles sensation as blood flow returns to the area. To avoid this annoying symptom, it’s important to get regular chiropractic check-ups. A chiropractor will look at your spine alignment and then use manual manipulation or acupuncture techniques to correct any underlying issues. They may also recommend lifestyle changes and exercises to help you keep any misalignments from coming back in the future. No need to keep pins and needles in your life unless you’re a seamstress!

If you don’t have the mobility you’re used to, or your posture is suffering, it could be time to see a chiropractor. Are you struggling to pick something up off the floor? Do your lower back and shoulder hurt during everyday activities? Are you noticing that you are slouching more than usual? A chiropractor can perform adjustments to the joints, muscles, and connective tissue in the spine, neck, hips, and other areas of the body. It’s their job to make sure each joint moves painlessly and has a proper range of motion. It’s important to keep an eye on your posture, especially when sitting down, so that your vertebrae align. That way, everything else is too! Ensure you take regular breaks to stand up and stretch throughout the day when sitting at your desk or in front of a computer.

We’ll be waiting to meet you when you arrive at Momentum and we are always grateful for the trust you have. You’re in good hands with us!