3 jolly ways to have a happy and healthy holiday season


Happy holidays from Momentum Chiropractic! From taking part in age-old traditions to enjoying your favorite festive treats, the holiday season is a time to have fun and make memories with family and friends.

As wonderful as this season can be, it can also be stressful for many people. You may experience a pressure to travel to family, prepare lavish meals, and shop for extravagant gifts. It doesn’t take long for this stress to negatively affect your nervous system and, ultimately, the function of your whole body.

Don’t let stress get you down during this special time of year! Check out these tips for avoiding pressure and keeping your body healthy this season.

Decorate with the help of others.

If you plan to make your home visible from space this holiday, chances are you will need to hang a lot of lights. While this is a fun tradition, it also comes with many opportunities to hurt yourself. This is why you should not decorate alone. Grab a buddy or family member to help you so that you’re not bending over or reaching too far by yourself (resulting in tweaked muscles and misalignment), or balancing on a ladder or roof without someone there to support you.

Avoid carrying too much weight.

When you go shopping this season, remember not to carry too many items between stores without considering the health of your back and spine. You can avoid this by bringing your gifts to the car between stores. The same goes for moving gifts between houses and retrieving heavy boxes of decorations from the attic—make small trips and never carry too much weight. 

Give simple, heartfelt gifts.

A good way to reduce stress is by freeing yourself from the idea of the “perfect” gift. Many people find more enjoyment from receiving modest, heartfelt gifts rather than extravagant, expensive gifts. Keep this in mind and gift something simple for most of the people in your life. You can even stick to the theme of simplicity and peacefulness by gifting essential oils, a book, or their favorite tea.

To further avoid stress and make the most of every minute this holiday, give yourself the gift of chiropractic care. Momentum can provide you with alignment and supplements that will keep you feeling your best this season. We have an expert and friendly staff that is trained to assist you in your ho-ho-holistic health journey. Contact us today!