Did you know that the weather can play a huge part in how your body feels?  There’s science behind it!  If you’re among the aging adult population, you might notice that you think you can tell when it’s going to rain soon based on your aches and pains…and you probably can!  

If you’ve ever noticed your joints aching in the cold or your headache worsening when the sun shines brightly, you’ve discovered that weather really can impact your health, sometimes positively (especially mental health) but often negatively. Chiropractic treatments can help you manage these weather-related changes.   

The cold weather tends to bring on joint inflammation. The air pressure drops and your muscles shrink slightly. This puts pressure on your tissues and nerves. A chiropractor can help to relieve some of this pressure and inflammation as he or she corrects any restrictions and works out the area, improving warmth and blood flow. Tips and things to try out at home tend to accompany any adjustment and they can really help shift the mental struggle that comes with longer stretches of adverse weather.  

On days when the sun is shining the brightest, it may cause you to have a headache. Some people are very sensitive to light, and in the area that we live and play in, the sun takes a long winter vacation from us for many months in a row, so when it returns, it can take some getting used to. A headache can then result in some serious tension in your neck and shoulders as you become more and more stressed. Chiropractic can help to alleviate your tension and get your head feeling better than the bright light made it. You may also receive some guidance on how best to handle things on your own when you can’t get in for care promptly to include stretches, exercises and other over the counter options to help in a pinch. 

The weather also causes shifts in the quality of your sleep and as we’ve discussed in past blogs, sleep is essential for just about everything. When the sun is bright and shining late, it can make it difficult to drift off. On the other hand, a cold night can make it hard to fall asleep as well. It can be hard adjusting to new temperatures as the weather changes, leaving you with little rest to make it through your day. A chiropractor can help to ease some of your stress, reduce pain, and give you some tips for getting a better night’s sleep. You should be able to get used to your new change in sleeping habits shortly.  

With every seasonal change, it can act as an invitation into the next chapter of the year.  Some pages will be better than others, but equipped with the right tools and treatments, you’re sure to sail smoothly the whole time!  The team at Momentum Chiropractic is so honored to be part of your world and we always look forward to connecting.