National Nutrition Month - March 2022

Happy National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month is an annual campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. During the month of March, everyone is encouraged to learn about making informed food choices and developing healthful eating and physical activity habits.  Momentum Chiropractic is excited about participating in the celebration of health, and we want to let you…

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Food and Nutrients

Cold Season Nutrition and Vitamin Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a number of changes in our daily lives. Good nutrition is always important, but during this pandemic, and as we enter into “cold season”, it’s even more important because a well-balanced diet of nutritious foods helps support a strong immune system.  Your whole health includes your sense of mind, body…

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How Many Carbohydrates Can I Eat?

Measuring The Needs of Your Body Here is the deal. Your body does not work on carbohydrates, protein, or fat percentage. It does not require a specific number of grams of protein. It has no caloric needs. All of these measurements, these equations, and mediums we have come up with to try and explain what…

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The Keto Diet: Benefits and Why it Works

How A Ketogenic Diet Works Keto Diets: Drawbacks and Criticisms 5 Ways to Optimize a Keto Diet Ketogenic diets — or “going keto” — get great results for fat loss and so much more.  When you stick with this way of eating, you can lose weight quickly. You stabilize your blood sugar and insulin levels. …

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12 Quick Ways to Add Greens to Your Diet

The Many Benefits of Vegetables Why Don’t We Eat More Greens? Only 1 in 10 American adults meet fruit and vegetable recommendations. More specifically, only 9.3% of adults eat enough vegetables daily. 7 of the top 10 leading causes of death in the United States are from chronic diseases including heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Eating plenty…

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Why High-Fructose Corn Syrup is So Bad for You

How Sugar Behaves in Your Body High-Fructose Corn Syrup: The Biggest Loser? 5 Ways to Minimize Added Sugars Every year, the average American consumes almost 152 pounds of sugar. That’s six cups or three pounds of sugar every week. Put that into perspective: Around 200 years ago, most of us ate only two pounds of sugar every year!…

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The Brain-Gut Connection: Improve your Gut Health and Improve Your Mind

Your Gut Bacteria Has More to Do with Your Feelings Than You Think Managing the Relationship Between Your Gut and Your Brain The Gut-Brain Axis and Stress The Root Cause of Poor Health: Inflammation How To Fix Your Poor Gut Health with Your Diet Exercise to Improve Gut Health and Boost Mood Gut bacteria impacts…

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What Your Gut Is Telling You about Your Immunity

Your Immune System: It All Starts in Your Gut When Bad Bacteria Take Over Bad Gut Bacteria, Inflammation, and Your Immune System The Gut-Immune Connection Began At Birth Gut-Immune Health: Start with Your Diet The Nutrients to Support Your Immune System and Your Gut Lifestyle Factors to Support Your Gut and Immune System You have…

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Supplements to Support Your Digestive System

Digestive System Disrupt Your Digestive System Explained How to Prevent Digestive Disorders Digestion Supplements to Keep Your Track on Track Probiotics Natural Ways to Improve Your Digestive Health Disruption in your digestive system disruption can be uncomfortable. You may experience this after a big, heavy meal or get a feeling of being carsick. You get…

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Corn syrup drinks

Corn syrup, Dextrose, Fructose, Barley Malt…What’s In A Name?

We Eat Too Much Sugar! “Added Sugar” Damages Your Metabolism How Much Sugar Should You Eat Daily? The Problem with Hidden Sugars The Problem with “Zero Sugar” or “Sugar-free” Is There a Sweet Alternative? The average American eats almost 152 pounds of sugar a year. That’s nearly half a pound every day, or about three…

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