Core Chiropractic Essential – where it all begins


It’s in our name—chiropractic. But what does it actually mean and how does it fit into whole body wellness? As one of our five Essentials, it’s crucial that we break down what we consider the basis for great and transformative care here at Momentum. Check it out!


What is the Core Chiropractic Essential?

Core Chiropractic revolves around spinal correction, which is the cornerstone of what we do here at Momentum. Your spine does a lot more than help you stand, sit, and walk. It is a central information highway, sending messages from your brain to your entire body. When it is misaligned, it doesn’t work as efficiently and can cause pain, stiffness, slower mobility, trouble healing, frequent illness, and an overall feeling of poor health. Proper alignment helps promote healthy and effectual nervous system function, while increasing your body’s natural potential for optimal health, faster healing, and improved physical ability.


What are the benefits of Core Chiropractic?

You might be surprised at the myriad of benefits that our Core Chiropractic Essential provides. It translates to so much more than just pain relief.

  • Lower risk and frequency of illness
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Identification and correction of misalignment that may cause health problems
  • Better blood pressure
  • Quicker recovery times
  • Possible reduction of prescription medications


Of course, results and benefits vary from person to person. That’s why our skilled professionals perform an in-depth assessment and create a customized plan for a holistic chiropractic approach for your body, taking into account your medical history, current issues, and desired benefits.


Through long-term spinal correction aimed at reducing or eliminating far-reaching health problems, thoughtful rehabilitation of spinal abnormalities, and identification of other underlying issues, Momentum Chiropractic is ready to help you improve your health, and of course, simply feel better.