The days are feeling longer and the sun is making more of an appearance lately, and if you’re like many folks this time of year…you’ve probably hauled out the ladder and climbed up to clean out the winter debris from your home’s gutters.  While our wish is that everything goes smoothly, if you find yourself in a predicament, (or flat on your back on the ground after taking a tumble) we want you to know what your options can be with regards to chiropractic care.  

Slip and falls are the leading causes of spinal injuries and neuropathic pain. To prevent chronic pain and alleviate acute pain, it’s important to seek medical attention and chiropractic care as soon as possible following a slip and fall. After confirming you haven’t broken or fractured your spine, your chiropractor can help you find relief from your injuries, and offer guidance to prevent future injury.

Chiropractic care is a natural way to reduce your pain through adjustments to your backbones. This can help treat misalignments that prevent proper bone function.  A fall can damage your joints, muscles, bones, and ligaments without you even realizing you’re in pain. Your spine is among the areas of your body most likely to be affected, as many slip and fall patients land on their backs upon impact. Consequently, when you land flat on your back, the joints that connect your spinal column can slip, causing the joint to swell. This leads to many patients experiencing severe back pain and muscle spasms, and this is why seeing a chiropractor as part of a healing regiment is crucial to long term recovery.  

General wellness and flexibility is also a key component to injury prevention.  A weak body is more likely to experience injury from a fall, even if it’s just a small slip. A broken hip or leg may be avoided if people exercise more frequently and keep their skeleton strong and limber. Exercises that target the lower body are best, since that is where we have our largest muscles. Stretch before and after as well to improve flexibility and make it even easier to remain upright when a slip occurs.  Core strength has tremendous value in overall body wellbeing.  

Chiropractic care helps to keep the body healthy and strong and in the right kind of shape to handle daily seasonal tasks. Those with joint restrictions may experience falls easily because their joints are not as flexible and limber. Regular visits to the chiropractor will help to ensure no joint restrictions are in place and the body is as flexible as possible to handle the spring weather and accompanying chores without problems.

Visit Momentum Chiropractic throughout all seasons to keep the body as strong as possible. While we hope all cleanup chores go smoothly, if you end up on the ground, be sure to visit Momentum Chiropractic to ask how we may be able to help. Chiropractic care is a necessary part of maintaining overall health and wellness during the springtime and every season thereafter, and our team is positioned to help you along your own wellness journey.