If you’re a patient with Momentum Chiropractic, you already know the benefits to overall wellness that regular chiropractic care can bring.  Wellness is as individual as the person, and everyone’s journey is their own, but did you know that starting a regular chiropractic care practice with children can have lasting positive effects on everything from behavior, wellness and immunity?  Read on!

Pediatric chiropractic refers to the practice of chiropractic techniques on young people. However, since children’s bodies are still growing and developing, chiropractors undergo training to ensure that the care they provide is appropriate and reflects the age of your child and the needs of their little bodies. Chiropractic treatment involves manipulating the body and spine to bring the spine into alignment and reduce pressure across the musculoskeletal system so that the body can function optimally, inside and out.  Kids are constantly on the move, and Momentum wants to make sure that never stops.  

Children are more susceptible to disease because their immune system remains immature until they are around 8 years of age. However, even once it reaches full maturity, they will still rely on a combination of factors to help keep their immune system strong and effective at fighting illness. A healthy, balanced diet and regular activity is essential for a fully functional immune system, but you might also be surprised to learn that chiropractic treatment has been shown to be beneficial too. This is because areas of pressure or compression within the spine can compromise the effectiveness of their immune system. Eliminating areas of pressure can improve blood flow and enable all body systems to work more efficiently.  Just because their bodies are smaller than ours, doesn’t mean they work any differently.  

With school starting back up, it’s important to prepare the body and the brain for everything ahead this next year.  Your child’s brain will continue to develop for many years. Studies have found that regular pediatric chiropractic appointments can be beneficial in boosting your child’s brain development by reducing pressure on bones and joints and well as the spine, enabling oxygenated blood and nutrients to reach and fuel the brain cells.  Boosting the body to prepare the brain to operate at 100% is a great way to set our small ones up to succeed academically and behaviorally.   

WIth schools and play yards being prime real estate for germs, there are many common childhood illnesses that may show up early on like earaches, digestive issues, sinus congestion, colic, reflux, and allergies. Each of these can affect the quality of life of your child as well as being stressful and upsetting for you to witness them suffering. Fortunately, the symptoms of many childhood illnesses can be improved through regular chiropractic appointments. Chiropractic adjustments eliminate pressure on the nervous system, allowing blood and oxygen to flow around the body more efficiently, improving the way that all your child’s body systems work.  

Chiropractic care won’t fix everything, like messy rooms and remembering to bring back the lunch pail, but it will definitely have a positive impact on the bodies of our little ones.  At Momentum Chiropractic, we are honored to be a part of your whole family’s wellness journey.  Check in with us today so we can get you started on a great school year.