Winter is upon us, whether we are prepared for this shift or not. While we have enjoyed the warmth of summer, the rain and chill of the winter is crucial for those Spring moments we’ve grown to look forward to so much in the PNW. Winter is a season when many individuals experience health issues that can make everyday life rough. Whether it is a cold, flu, or a skiing or other winter sport injury, many people will find their overall health compromised at some point during winter.
Thankfully, chiropractic care can help keep you healthy during winter. Paying regular visits to your chiropractor during the cold season can help reduce, if not prevent, health problems as well as keep you feeling your best. If you are thinking of skipping that chiropractor visit, we ask you to think again!
When people think of health problems that present themselves, cold and flu are the first two things that come to mind. The months of December, January and February can trigger a rise in bacteria and viruses in human populations. Fortunately, you can strengthen the immune system of your body by undergoing chiropractic care. This form of care allows you to fight off cold and flu by fortifying your immune system. Moreover, it improves the communication between the brain and the rest of the body and fixes the alignment to the vertebrae. So, a trip out of your home and into the elements can actually prevent illnesses, as long as the destination is strategic.
Besides cold and flu, another frequent problem during winter is depression. SAD, which stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, is a condition where people experience symptoms of standard depression during the winter months. SAD is common in areas that experience a decrease in sunlight and a drop in the temperature. Chiropractic care can help individuals with SAD by stimulating their central nervous system and regulating their hormone production. Seasonal Affect Disorder is very real, but recognizing it doesn’t mean you have to struggle with it.
Winter can make people’s muscles stiff. Apart from becoming inflexible, you may find it difficult to stretch your muscles, especially if you are stuck inside more often. Instead of expanding, your muscles contract to keep you warm which can contribute to feelings of stiffness and pain. When you visit your chiropractor, he or she will help keep the stiffness away by ensuring that your spine stays properly aligned.
If you have arthritis, you likely already know that winter weather can bring additional pain to your joints. Experiencing pain can lead to more discomfort and a decrease in mobility. With a few gentle spinal adjustments, you will be able to move your joints without much discomfort and stiffness and alleviate additional inflammation due to the cold weather. The damp chill in the air can seem never-ending, and the pain that can accompany it can trigger inactivity. All of these factors lead to more pain, so it is especially important to stay on top of any preventive treatments that are designed to help.
Apart from minimizing joint pain, chiropractic care reduces back and neck pain caused by factors like joint restriction, joint dysfunction, and muscle imbalances. Your chiropractor will help preserve the flexibility of your spinal joints to help you move freely.

Maybe this is the year you decided to take up a new activity. Great! However, beginners of any age who ski and play other winter sports can develop musculoskeletal injuries. If you injure yourself after playing a winter sport, seek help from a chiropractor. Rebuilding your coordination and strength with proper chiropractic care is possible. Additionally, your chiropractor will help you recover faster to allow you to resume your activities throughout the winter.
The team at Momentum Chiropractic want to help you remain healthy and pain free so you can live your best life. Are you ready? Get in touch with us today!