Summer has officially started and we are thinking about warm breezes, beach getaways, and our favorite summertime sports with friends and family. This season is always a fun one because there’s no school, late nights, and great weather for your favorite activities. Summer can also be trouble for some people because their bodies aren’t ready for the increase in activity and movement. To make sure your summer is enjoyable, here’s why you should make time for a visit to Momentum Chiropractic.  

Summer is full of activities, which can often lead to a body full of aches and pains. Whether it’s enjoying walks at the local park, taking a vacation with family, or spending all day on the move, we tend to be more active during the summer months. This is great for your overall health but can cause pain and discomfort for those who aren’t used to it.  Our chiropractic care can reduce restrictions in the vertebrae of the spine, which relieves back, neck, and body pains. When these problem areas are treated, pain is eased, and activity and movement become easier and more enjoyable.  

The summer months usually mean we have a little bit more time on our hands to do the things that make memories.  You don’t have to worry about helping your kids get their homework done or shuffling them from activity to activity. The nights are longer and more open, which makes summer the perfect time to prioritize self-care, starting with chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments help keep your back and body in better condition overall, which puts it at the top of the self-care list. Most chiropractic patients report positive side effects including better sleep, an improved immune system, more energy, and much more. These reasons alone make chiropractic care and practice ideal for boosting your health and wellness this summer.  Self-care is care.

In addition to helping your body produce vitamin D, essential to your immune system and bone health, the sun imparts several other benefits to those who bask in its light. Sunlight has been shown to deter depression, fight cancer, and relieve or heal certain dermatological conditions. If you plan to spend time outside, do not forget to protect yourself from receiving too much sun exposure; sunburns not only dehydrate the body, but can lead to skin cancer. Use sunscreen, clothing, or shade.  Keeping the body in prime shape will allow you to get outside and stay outside.  Double the benefits of the sweet season of summer by keeping your body prepared for as much restorative relaxation as invigorating activity.  

Whether your summer activity of choice is gardening, volleyball, road races, or playgrounds with your little ones, it’s important to keep your body in mind. By staying active and engaging in chiropractor-approved activities, you can ensure that you stay healthy and pain-free all summer long. So get outside, enjoy the sun, and have some fun – just don’t forget to take care of your body while you do it!  The team at Momentum Chiropractic is excited to help you get the most out of summer.  Get in touch with us today!