What Is the Nutrition Essential All About?

Fruits and vegetables portrait

Many of us set New Year’s resolutions revolving around healthier living. Perhaps no resolution is as popular as adopting a healthier diet. If you’ve slipped a bit on your goal since January 1, now’s the perfect time to kick your nutrition habits back into high gear. Plus, March is National Nutrition Month. It’s meant to be!


Momentum Valley Chiropractic focuses on nutrition as one of our 5 Essentials™— a series of healthy tools you need to reach your unique lifestyle and wellness goals, naturally.


What is the Nutrition Essential?

The Nutrition Essential focuses on nutrition science, whole foods, and personal assessments to craft a nutrition plan focused on helping you reach your fitness goals.


What is a nutritional assessment and why do I need one?

Every person—and body—is different. And while there are general key nutrition go-to tips (which we will go into a bit later), tailoring a diet specially designed to each individual identifies their unique nutritional needs while maximizing their efforts.


The method by which we customize a plan is through a nutritional assessment, which first establishes a baseline. The benefits to taking advantage of the Nutrition Essential include:


  • Your customized plan is designed to increase energy, resilience, immunity, and overcoming or preventing illness—who doesn’t want that?
  • The assessments are based on nutritional science—NOT fad diets.
  • Your plan for eating better and determining the right nutritional supplements is easy to understand and follow.
  • You’ll finally understand and meet your body’s unique nutritional needs.


Can you provide a few sneak-peek tips into healthy eating in the Nutritional Essential plan?

Sure! Of course, each nutrition plan will be different for each individual. But our Core Plan focuses on these healthy eating basics:

  • Eating more healthy fats while eliminating all damaged fats
  • Choosing naturally raised animal proteins
  • Selecting whole over refined carbohydrates
  • Opting for fruits and vegetables over refined grains and sugars


Do you have more questions? No problem! Just give us a call or contact us to learn more about the Nutrition Essential, as well the complete set of 5 Essentials that are core to what Momentum Valley Chiropractic is all about!