Celebrate National Nutrition Month


Pursuing a balanced and healthy lifestyle can feel overwhelming at times. We are bombarded with countless tips and tricks on social media, television, and articles on how to achieve happiness by losing weight and looking our best. But what if the desire to become our best selves went deeper than that?

At Momentum, we believe that focusing on nutrition and leading a healthy life allows us to reach our full potential. In honor of National Nutrition Month this March, we would like to share about the role nutrition plays in aligning our wellness. National Nutrition Month is an annual awareness campaign that promotes the importance of choosing healthy food and the value of regular exercise.

If you are committed to pursuing a more nutritious lifestyle, try out these strategies during National Nutrition Month—and all year long!

Hone your skills.

Developing skills in the kitchen will allow you to be creative with your food. Start by keeping healthy ingredients in your home so they are always within arm’s reach. Understand how to read nutrition facts panels on packages to include healthy items in the recipes you choose, and learn about proper home food safety so that you and your family can share meals together in a healthy environment.

Focus on variety.

When it comes to nutritious eating, variation is the name of the game. As you plan what to eat, make sure to include all food groups and try out new flavors in your recipes. Mixing up ingredients will open up a world of possibility in the kitchen! If you commit to keeping your menu exciting, you’ll enjoy every meal—but don’t don’t forget to stay hydrated and practice portion control along the way.

Plan your meals.

Making healthy eating choices can also include planning your meals and anticipating future eating choices. At the beginning of each week, choose a few recipes to make ahead of time and stick to that grocery list. This allows you to be prepared rather than wait until the day-of to make your food decisions. If you know you will be at work, traveling, or dining out, be thoughtful when perusing menus at restaurants and lean toward healthier options.

Consult a professional.

If you’re interested in receiving personalized nutrition advice, you should consider meeting with a Registered Dietician Nutritionist (RDN). These experts assist you in achieving your health goals in ways that are specialized to you. Consult your doctor and ask for a referral if this sounds like something you would like to pursue. 

Most importantly, have fun! Commiting to nutrition does not have to be a burden or boring endeavor. These recommendations can drastically improve your experience in the kitchen and result in many beneficial outcomes for you and your family. Reach out to Momentum today to learn more and speak to our experienced and friendly staff. We are here to support you on your health journey!