What would summertime be without a family vacation?  Whether this vacation lasts a month (sweet!!) or just a long weekend, trips away can be rejuvenating and relaxing, and a source of precious family memories forever.  The staff at Momentum Chiropractic would like to offer some tips on making it through these vacations healthy and happy and joyful. 

Whether you’re taking a two-week Maui vacation, a long weekend camping trip to a neighboring park, or a multi-city European tour, traveling often means indulgences including regular desserts, carb-laden picnics, and even a cocktail or two while avoiding your normal daily routine like going to the gym. 

You’re likely aware of the aftermath. You return home and your slim-fitting jeans aren’t so slim, getting back into your workout routine feels like torture, and those cookies you brought back from that amazing Italian bakery are screaming your name in the cupboard around 11 p.m.

The key to prevent those dietary and overall-health disasters while you’re on vacation is to plan ahead. You don’t need to be overly regimented or deny yourself simple pleasures, but you also shouldn’t take a let-it-all-go perspective during your vacation. 

Eating healthy on a budget is easy when you pack your own nutritious snacks and foods. Gas stations, airport kiosks, and other on-the-go foods are geared for convenience, not your health. Save time, money, and your wellbeing by bringing your own healthy foods. A healthy eating plan doesn’t need to be  another large to-do on your vacation list when you pack your favorite healthy snacks and meals.  Make meal planning fun by letting each member of the family plan and shop for a meal while on vacation! 

Traveling with children and adolescents presents its own health challenges. Put simply, children like what they know and they eat what they like. From the very earliest age, children’s experiences with food influence both preferences and intake, and research suggests that the earlier and broader that experience, the healthier the child’s diet. That means if you regularly nose-dive into a plate of chili cheese fries, they’re likely to follow. Instead, opt for healthy food choices and sample kid-pleasing delicacies of the region you’re traveling. So if you’re in Italy, try a plate of broccoli rabe in garlic and olive oil.  If you head to New England, indulge in a lobster roll.  Figuring out what the locals like best can be a great memory in the making. 

Staying healthy during vacation goes beyond just what you eat. Shifting into relax mode might initially feel challenging, but one massive perk of traveling is to escape day-to-day life and minimize stress. Of course, some trips can be stressful, such as visiting a country that doesn’t speak your native language or unfamiliar territory. But that’s also a good kind of stress that helps you grow and better understand the world around you.

Fully experiencing those moments that will create (hopefully) wonderful memories demands being fully present and feeling your best while you’re on vacation. Whatever destinations you choose, enjoy this time with your family. Summer is the shortest season of the year, and in Washington we wait all year for it to arrive. Incorporate some of these activities and healthy choices and create memories to last a lifetime.  Being together in the fresh air doing fun things with the people you love is as important as anything else when it comes to maintaining your health and wellbeing.  From all of us at Momentum Chiropractic, we are glad to be a part of your journey to wellness!