School is just about out and summertime is so close that we can finally believe it!  The staff at Momentum Chiropractic encourage you to get outside, enjoy the weather, and most importantly, make great memories with your families!  

There are countless ways to get active in your community. Camps and other out of school time programs provide opportunities for children to try new activities, develop relationship and social skills, and be physically active. Visit your county’s parks and recreation office or website for information on free summer sessions near you.  There are usually camps set up in school locations, which can be very convenient or neighborhood clubs, like the YMCA.  

When kids are out of school and looking for things to do, parents and other role models have an opportunity to lead by example and show your family that living an active, healthy lifestyle is important.  Obesity impacts about 1 in 5 kids and teens in the U.S., according to the CDC.  Children aren’t likely to change their diets or activity habits on their own. It’s up to parents and caregivers to help kids make healthier choices. Creating simple healthy habits will go a long way to helping your family embrace a healthy summer.

It is still a good time to get a garden in the ground in the NW if you haven’t done so already.  The nicer months are ahead, and the rain and balance of sunshine  will help plants grow.  Grab your little ones and plant veggies (cucumbers, peas, tomatoes) or herbs in a garden or large pot. Your kids can help tend to them, water them, watch them grow and eat them when they’re ripe.

If you are seeking a livelier activity, bike riding can fit the bill!  If your town or neighborhood has a bike trail, plan to visit it during different times of day, notice where the sun shines (on your face or back). Map out different areas of the trail you’ve never been before and visit those. Stop to take a photo of what you saw along the way (animals, bridges, cross streets or parks) or when you return home take time to write down the things you saw along the way.

Bicycle riding helps develop gross motor skills, strength and agility. If there are not enough bikes for everyone in the family, ask to borrow some from other family members or even a neighbor. Helmets are always a must.

If you are seeking a little slower pace, consider a more creative activity.  Be a tourist in your own home town. What is your city known for? Visit some of those sites. Learn a bit of history about your town or even another city close by. Document your visit to these local landmarks with a photo or a story to remind you what you learned.

Also, you can tour your city parks.  First, map out and plan visits to a few new parks. Write down the address of the park, identify any local landmarks near the park. Describe what play items are there, take a photo of your favorite park item.

Whatever activities you decide, enjoy this time with your family. Summer is the shortest season of the year, and in Washington we wait all year for it to arrive. Incorporate some of these activities and create memories to last a lifetime.  Being outdoors in the fresh air doing fun things with the people you love is as important as anything else when it comes to maintaining your health and wellbeing.  From all of us at Momentum Chiropractic, we are glad to be a part of your journey to wellness!