Welcome to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where the landscape is diverse and the weather is bright and warm in the summer. Because we have clear, sunny skies most of the season, we have a wide selection of outdoor activities and exercise from which to choose. Hiking, gardening, swimming, fishing, mountain climbing, running, sports, kayaking—the list goes on and on!

These activities are a great way to be physically active and maintain a balanced, healthy life. Exercise keeps our bodies flexible and staves off the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Part two of Momentum’s summer blog series is all about physical activity, providing tips for you and your children as you are active outside this summer.

Stay hydrated and use sunscreen.

One of the most important things to remember when exercising this summer is to stay hydrated. Increased physical activity in the heat of the sun can easily lead to dehydration, so always have water available for yourself and your kids. While you’re at it, make sure you carry sunscreen at all times to protect your family from harmful UV radiation and sunburn.

Don’t push yourself too hard—and remember to stretch!

If you are prone to joint and muscle pain, neck and back problems, and soreness, never push yourself to do an activity that will exacerbate these issues. Lean towards movements that are easy on the body like walking or swimming. And don’t forget to stretch! Stretching before, during, and after physical activity will make you more limber and flexible.

Get adjusted.

Outdoor exercise is a great way to keep your health balanced, but it can lead to injuries and a misaligned spine. Visit Momentum during and after the summer to meet your chiropractic needs that result from physical activity this season. We may recommend spinal adjustment, balancing the nervous system, and other strategies to achieve safe, fast healing.

Make the most of our summer in the Pacific Northwest by getting outside and exploring new activities with family and friends. If you need spinal alignment or more information about the effects of exercise on your body, contact Momentum today. Our expert staff is always available to meet your chiropractic needs.