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Exercise for Your Immunity: Training Right Vs Training Wrong

Exercise for Health Exercise for Immunity – Training Right Inflammation is Your Body’s Natural Healing Response Exercise That Creates Inflammation: Training Wrong Factors that Affect Your Immune System How To Exercise for Immunity Exercise: Training Right for a Healthy Immune System Health Benefits of Different Exercise Types Recovery is Key to Exercise Regular exercise can…

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Signs You’re Aging…Fast? Anti-Aging Naturally

Everyone Ages and Grows Older What Happens to Your Body As You Get Older Signs You’re Aging: Men Vs Women The Health Changes with Age Everyone Ages… But You Don’t Have to Look Like It Anti-aging Strategies Natural Ways to Age Gracefully and Feel Your Best Your Anti-aging Guide Almost nobody wants to grow old,…

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Parents’ Tips for Preparing Your Kids to Have a Healthy School Year

It’s Back to School Time Get The Right Backpack Pack A Healthy Lunch Make Time for Family Fitness and Physical Activity Eat Healthy Snacks Become Engaged Socially, Academically, and Creatively Transitions can feel like a challenge for everyone. One minute, you’re relaxing by the pool or returning from a relaxing vacation. The next, you’re stocking…

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Family Exercise: Fun Activities for the Health of Your Family

Family Exercise Creates Happiness and Health Fitness-focused families are healthier, happier, and more resilient to the ever-growing demands that life can throw out. Somewhere along the way, exercise fell on the backburner. Whereas children once played outdoors and regularly participated in team sports, today you’re more likely to find them glued to their smartphone or television…

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Summertime Fitness Tips: Optimize Your Warm Weather Workout Routine

Fitness Tips For Staying in Shape During The Summer Who wants to workout in a stuffy crowded gym on a sunny summer day? After all, you have ample opportunity to add variety to your workout by taking it outside. With the right strategies, you can stay fit during the summertime and turn the outdoors into…

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Summer Is Prime Time for an Active, Healthy Lifestyle

It’s summer! And that means there is no excuse to not be our best, active selves! As we’ve mentioned time and time again, an active lifestyle is just as crucial as core chiropractic care. The two elements are both required to maximize health, minimize sickness, improve athletic performance, reduce pain, and more. Luckily, summer is…

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Sex and Gender’s Affects on Your Health

Health Differences and Sex: What’s the Difference? While we’re very much alike in many ways, a few key differences separate the physiology of men and women. Take hormones: While we all need testosterone and estrogen, men require more of the former and women the latter hormone for optimal health. Scientists even point out different ways…

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Battle of the Bathroom Germs: Which Has More? Women’s Vs. Men’s Bathrooms

Propose that question at your next dinner party or group meeting and watch people become uncomfortable or infuriated. The answer is far from conclusive. Consider these statistics: After going to the bathroom, 93 percent of women wash their hands. Only 77 percent of men do. Researchers looked at 90 American offices and found men had more…

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