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Summer #2

Summer Blog Series #2: Outdoor Activity

Welcome to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where the landscape is diverse and the weather is bright and warm in the summer. Because we have clear, sunny skies most of the season, we have a wide selection of outdoor activities and exercise from which to choose. Hiking, gardening, swimming, fishing, mountain climbing, running, sports, kayaking—the list…

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Vitamin D: Sunshine, Storage, and Supplements

Why Don’t We Get Enough Vitamin D? Health Consequences of Not Getting Enough Vitamin D Am I At Risk For Vitamin D Deficiency? Vitamin D Nutraceuticals 3 Ways To Get More Vitamin D Sometimes called “the sunshine vitamin,” your skin can make vitamin D with regular sunlight.  That makes the name a little misleading because your…

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5 Hacks to Have a Healthy BBQ

Summertime means lazy lounging days basking in the sun, enjoying friends by the poolside, and having a backyard BBQ! Children play in the backyard, you hear the ice cream truck music in the distance, and humid air creates a relaxed spirit. Unfortunately, the season can also become an invitation for sunburn, bug bites, and other…

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Sunglasses and summer letters on the beach

Summer Blog Series #1: Summertime health tips

Break out your sunglasses and beach umbrella—summer has arrived! Many people wait all year long for the special activities that come with summer, like swimming, gardening, sports, hiking, camping, and many more. With this increased exercise comes opportunities for injuring our bodies in big and small ways. In this first installment of our summer blog…

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12 Heart Healthy Ideas for a Perfect Valentine’s Day

The idea of Valentine’s Day out sounds enticing. You might envision a candlelight dinner, dancing, and strolling in the moonlight. Most of us know the realistic scenario of this romantic holiday.  You wait an hour for a table and pay too much for mediocre, unhealthy food. February weather means you’ll likely be running to the car rather…

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12 Quick Steps to Kick Off a Healthy Year

The term “New Year’s resolutions” has become a punchline.  In mid-December, you join a gym membership that offers unlimited classes. You envision your early mornings churning away on an exercise bike, feeling invigorated for the day ahead. Or you’ll finally shake that TV-rerun habit and do an evening yin yoga class. Any of that sound…

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EXERCISE 10 Tips How to Start Exercising and Stick with It

The Many Benefits of Exercise Moving from “I should” to “I will exercise” Most of us sit a lot these days: Behind a desk, in a car, at a kitchen table, or in front of the television. Consider these statistics: Fewer than five percent of adults get 30 minutes of movement daily Only one in three adults get…

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The Perfect 7: Great New Year’s Resolution Ideas

You’re not alone if you struggle to stick with New Year’s resolutions. “Studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them,” says Ashira Prossack in Forbes.  If you’re like most people during the holidays, you sometimes overindulge. One night, after several servings…

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Exercise for Your Immunity: Training Right Vs Training Wrong

Exercise for Health Exercise for Immunity – Training Right Inflammation is Your Body’s Natural Healing Response Exercise That Creates Inflammation: Training Wrong Factors that Affect Your Immune System How To Exercise for Immunity Exercise: Training Right for a Healthy Immune System Health Benefits of Different Exercise Types Recovery is Key to Exercise Regular exercise can…

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Signs You’re Aging…Fast? Anti-Aging Naturally

Everyone Ages and Grows Older What Happens to Your Body As You Get Older Signs You’re Aging: Men Vs Women The Health Changes with Age Everyone Ages… But You Don’t Have to Look Like It Anti-aging Strategies Natural Ways to Age Gracefully and Feel Your Best Your Anti-aging Guide Almost nobody wants to grow old,…

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