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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving

Many of us spend Thanksgiving in three places: standing in the kitchen, sitting at the table, and then carving out a spot for ourselves on the couch. We’re on our feet slaving over a hot stove, then carrying food and lifting heavy pots and pans, the turkey, the stuffing, vats of mashed potatoes…you get it. …

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Kids in Meadow

July is here and it’s heating up!

July is here and it’s heating up!  Literally and figuratively.  The hot days have arrived and we are (mostly) free to move about the country with fewer restrictions than last summer.  With this combination, we at Momentum Chiropractic have some summer fun suggestions for you and your family to enjoy. Playing outside with your children…

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It’s June! School is wrapping up and the weather is warming up.

It’s June!  School is wrapping up and the weather is warming up.  It’s the kickoff to summer fun, safe gatherings, and time to spend outside together with the people you enjoy most.  In the interest of healthy living, we thought we would share some fun ideas to help enjoy the best days of summer. No…

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Jump Into Spring!

Spring has arrived and it’s time to get outside!  Between wanting to get out of the house, and kid’s sports clubs starting up again, it is always a welcome reprieve to step out onto the grass, either as a participant or a spectator, after a winter indoors.  The smell of fresh-cut grass and the gentle…

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How to Use the 5 Essentials® as an Integrated Approach to Holistic Health

At MaxLiving, we teach integrative medicine, which is a practice altogether different from mainstream medicine in one important way. That is, instead of just managing symptoms – which is the focus of the mainstream – integrative medicine emphasizes holistic health and the body’s natural healing power, and aims to help correct the main causes of…

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Heart Health

Help Prevent Heart Disease With Simple Food & Lifestyle Changes for Heart Health

Heart Disease can be Deadly What Causes Heart Disease? Designing a Heart-Healthy Diet 7 Healthy Heart Tips Heart disease contributes to over 17 million deaths globally every year – that’s one-third of all deaths for people over 35! Heart disease facts like these emphasize how important prevention becomes for heart health. With heart disease, cholesterol and fibrous materials in artery walls…

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3 jolly ways to have a happy and healthy holiday season

Happy holidays from Momentum Chiropractic! From taking part in age-old traditions to enjoying your favorite festive treats, the holiday season is a time to have fun and make memories with family and friends. As wonderful as this season can be, it can also be stressful for many people. You may experience a pressure to travel…

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Virus graphic

6 Ways to Reduce the Effects of Viruses and Strengthen Your Immune System

“Cover your mouth!” This is something you have probably heard growing up when you cough or sneeze. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, sneezing or coughing in public is often viewed as someone with the black plague. Many symptoms such as coughing and sneezing come from viruses, which can disrupt how the body works. The immune…

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Supplementing Your Immune System with a Daily Defense to Fight Pathogens

Your Immune System is Your Daily Defense Against Invaders  At its peak, your immune system works like a master orchestra performing in harmony. Upon detecting potential threats — including bacteria, parasites, and viruses — your immune system unleashes a powerful army to destroy these foreign invaders. Usually, this defense works well, protecting you against illness. But sometimes…

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Summer #2

Summer Blog Series #2: Outdoor Activity

Welcome to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where the landscape is diverse and the weather is bright and warm in the summer. Because we have clear, sunny skies most of the season, we have a wide selection of outdoor activities and exercise from which to choose. Hiking, gardening, swimming, fishing, mountain climbing, running, sports, kayaking—the list…

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