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Sex and Gender’s Affects on Your Health

Health Differences and Sex: What’s the Difference? While we’re very much alike in many ways, a few key differences separate the physiology of men and women. Take hormones: While we all need testosterone and estrogen, men require more of the former and women the latter hormone for optimal health. Scientists even point out different ways…

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Battle of the Bathroom Germs: Which Has More? Women’s Vs. Men’s Bathrooms

Propose that question at your next dinner party or group meeting and watch people become uncomfortable or infuriated. The answer is far from conclusive. Consider these statistics: After going to the bathroom, 93 percent of women wash their hands. Only 77 percent of men do. Researchers looked at 90 American offices and found men had more…

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Mental Health Is a Crucial Component of Holistic Chiropractic Care

Did you know that May is Mental Health Month? There’s no better time to give your mind and body the attention and self-care it needs to thrive and strengthen. Mental health is something everyone should care about, both for themselves and loved ones. After all, 1 in 5 of us will be affected by a…

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How to Identify Stress Signals from Your Children and Significant Others

The Stress Response People these days are often stressed out. Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D., correlates those increased chronic stress levels with higher amounts of depression, another mental disorder where the symptoms aren’t always obvious. But chronic stress goes far beyond depression, manifesting in many signs. You might get a pounding headache, have digestive issues, become overly…

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Destressing at work

Your Body on Stress: The “Fight or Flight” Disease

Daily Stress or Chronic Stress? Stress comes in several flavors. The kind you feel before a presentation or exam is called acute stress. Your heart might race, you get a little fidgety, your palms become sweaty, and you have “butterflies in your stomach.” While perhaps unpleasant, a little of this stress can actually make you more alert,…

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Nature’s Antidepressant: Foods to Eat and Not to Eat to Remain Depression-Free, Naturally

Many People are Depressed If you struggle with depression, you’re not alone. About 16.2 million adults in America (that about 6.7 percent of all adults) experienced a major depressive episode during the past year. More women than men struggle with depression, but this condition doesn’t discriminate: It can impact anyone at any time. Depression deserves the same…

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What’s in Your Multivitamin? The Good, The Bad, and the Fillers

Essential Vitamins and Minerals Even the healthiest diet might not provide optimal amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. “Ninety-two percent of Americans are deficient in one or more essential vitamins and minerals, 80 percent are deficient in vitamin D, and over 99 percent are deficient in the essential omega-3 fatty acids,” says Mark Hyman, MD,…

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How to Treat Your Adrenals Well

Your Adrenals Support Your Energy, Immunity, Blood Pressure, and Stress Management! For such little glands, they sure do a lot of work: Your adrenals are two small but mighty glandsthat sit atop your kidneys, Though tiny — about 1.5 inches in height and three inches in length — your adrenal glands play many roles including managing energy levels, immune health,…

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How Chiropractic Can Reduce Stress Symptoms

Chronic Stress and Your Adrenals Once upon a time, a saber-tooth tiger might have wanted you for lunch. While that’s unlikely to happen today, other stressful episodes–like someone swerving into your lane on the freeway–can quickly put your body into fight-or-flight mode, gearing up for a possible attack. Your body responds identically whether you experience…

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Back Pain? Neck Pain? Discovering Chiropractic Care and What to Expect

Your First Chiropractic Appointment You’ve decided to see a chiropractor. Perhaps you have back or neck pain and your primary healthcare practitioner encouraged chiropractic care. Or you’d like to manage a chronic illness without relying on prescription drugs and other invasive procedures. Maybe you had a friend who had great results seeing a chiropractor, and…

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